Evening School

You come home exhausted after a day’s work, wanting nothing more than to vegetate in front of the television. But you’ve promised yourself you’ll write every day. Hmmm… what to do?

This challenge will provide you 7 evenings worth of exercises to complete while watching your favourite films or TV shows (or even a play). You can undertake them on consecutive days, or once a week on the day that each episode airs. The exercises aim to:

  1. Help you keep up the habit of writing regularly.
  2. Remind you that writing can be invigourating, no matter how tired you feel.
  3. Remind you that you can squeeze in a little writing even when you “don’t have the time”.
  4. Help you practice:
    1. Description
    2. Character development
    3. Story structure
    4. Worldbuilding.
  5. Help you find ideas for troubleshooting your own stories.

Remember to check the course every day for an explanation of the day’s task. You will have 1 exercise a day for 7 days that you can complete in your exercise journal, although you may require some extra paper if you get carried away! 🙂

Course Content

Course Content