The One Page Novel

 Struggling with your plot?

I’ve created a free training series for you that covers:

How to decide whether outlining is right for you.
How to determine how much detail you need from an outline.
How to manipulate your outline to suit your needs.
How to understand and use the 8 stage structure of The One Page Novel plot formula.
How to estimate word counts and writing times.
How to use your outline as a checklist, schedule writing time, and get the most out of your writing sessions.



+ a complete outline!

As soon as you sign up, I’ll send you a scene-by-scene example outline created using The One Page Novel method. You’re welcome to write and publish your own novel using this outline!

I’m even giving you:

1 | THE STORY FILE: includes a synopsis you can copy + paste.
2 | CHARACTER PROFILES: gives you the low-down on the main characters, and some pointers for secondary characters.
3 | WORLD INFORMATION: includes major locations, and some guidance for using the timeline.

In short, everything you need to sit down and start writing your novel, right now!